Zombie Diary 2 APK Download For Android, iOS, & PC [MOD]

Zombie Diary 2 APKZombie games are an obsession these days and have inspired many publishers to create their own products. Zombie diary 2 is the game with the never-dying theme of human and zombie battles, Zombie Diary 2: Immortal Evolution. Getting the first look on the name of the game you are able to guess that this game is the sequel of Zombie Diary, It is one of the games loved by many game players. The game has a very simple playing criterion and does not require a lot of skill, It is very suitable for those who want to find a game to entertain themselves while passing time.

All you need to do is just move the character in the direction of the screen horizontally and shoot or use commotion skills to destroy the zombies along the way. The world in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is like a fantasy world designed like some time in the future, where zombies have appeared, they appear in all directions everywhere, they try to dominate the whole planet and put people into the last land after capturing them. A terrible calamity has occurred; entire mankind is on the verge of extinction. As one of the surviving ones, you will take the weapon to kill the zombies and protect everyone. The fate of humanity rests in your hands.

Zombie Diary 2 APK Download File Information:

App Download Version 1.2.3
Last Updated June 7, 2019
Apk Size 19M
App by Mountain Lion
Category Action
Content Rating TeenBlood, Violence

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  • Zombie Diary 2 APK free downloadWeapons and equipment, there are approximately 30 weapons in the shop such as pistols, rifles, snipers, even Mecha guns. You can buy it from the store before you start or pick up on the battlefield. Each gun has a different amount of ammo and damage. Upgrading weapons is an effective way to improve the strength of the character and the power of the gun.
  • The character system is designed in such a way that you can use the real money to buy more characters which are not only stylish, but they also own separate sets of powers with their own advantages. Similar is the case with weapons, you can increase your character’s stats with the use of medicine. In the quest to escape, priority is given to characters with faster speed, Characters who have large armor and HP suit in the hostage rescue mission tend to survive longer and save more.
  • Zombie Diary 2 Evolution graphics are 2D and q
  • quite enjoyable. Nothing too gross and bloody, colorful game screens and lots of different locations from the street to the lab.
  • Sounds are designed to startle you when playing for the optimum experience.
  • Games are limited to ages 17 and up due to ease in content censorship.

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