TowelRoot APK Download For Android iOS & Pc [LATEST VERSION]

TowelRootTowelRoot is an application which has been designed keeping in view the demand for android booting easier. Many people have been finding out ways to boot their android devices but they could not find a good option. So, TowelRoot APK is the answer to all their needs as it provides the easiest boost of Android devices. The application can be used by Android users who need to boot their device. However, there is an android version limitation which requires at least Gingerbread version for this application TowelRoot APK to work. Other than this, this application is compatible with many Android brands which no other applications are.

TowelRoot APK Download File Information

APK Towelroot V3, V4
Developer(s) GeoHot
Initial release July 2014
Latest release
APK V3 / 16 December 2016
Development status Active
Operating system Android 4.1 or Later
Available in English
Type Application
License Freeware

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TowelRoot APK Features:

In this section, we have listed down the features that make TowelRoot stand out in the crowd of booting applications and software.

One-Click Booting – TowelRoot is a very easy application through which users can boot their Android device in a matter of single click and does not require any long procedures. This application makes sure that even the common people with no technical expertise can boot their device effectively.

Smaller Size – TowelRoot application is not a very big that will take up a lot of space in your mobile phone. Rather it takes very less space like 100 KBs but still works like a charm when it comes to boot the android devices

All Android Devices are Supported – This is a pretty self-explanatory point which explains that the Android users of any brand and even the users who have oldest android version such version 2.2 can use this booting application as well. TowelRoot application supports AT&T and Verizon android mobiles as well.

No Internet Requirement – This is one of the biggest advantages of this application that it does not require an internet connection to carry out the booting process. The only time you will internet for TowelRoot is when you have to install it!


Once it is downloaded, just tap and click “Extract” to unzip the folder.

Now tap the extracted folder and select “Next” to move ahead on the privacy page. Selecting “Next” automatically makes you agree with the rules and regulations of the app.

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