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Tasker APK, as the name suggests, helps its users keep a record of their daily routine and tasks. With the Tasker APK pro application, users can use plug-ins, tools, map, and all features help manage work effectively. The application can enable users to reduce workload and can even tell the users to work out things in a specific manner which positively affects the performance. Users can easily trigger a task in various ways as well as the important events.

Tasker APK Download File Information

App Download Version 5.6
Last Updated Nov. 26, 2018
Apk Size 7.9M

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Tasker APK Features:

We have mentioned many features of Tasker APK application which will make sure that you fall in love with this Tasker APK application and download it right away. Have a look at the features!

  • The most important feature of this application is its action. With this feature, users can take care of the active tasks of their phone as well as the tablet. The application is equipped with over 200 procedure categorized into 21 different types. It helps sustain the action in your device
  • The application can help users accomplish necessary tasks. The Tasker APK application is generally connected to a trigger or a context but is also able to carry out independent tasks manually. When users are using this Tasker application, two tasks can be handled at the same time and copy, lock, export, and import tasks can also be done
  • Tasker APK needs the users to create an account if they want to use it for regulating and managing their tasks. However, users can make as many settings as they want through one account. It also helps in effectively linked tasks to run smoothly
  • The variable feature allows the users to modify the time as well as regulates the battery billing level
  • The application allows a customized interface that are in sync with your users’ preferences so that users can design the menu and popups as they want


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