Download Spotify Premium APK To Unlock All Paid Features For Free

Spotify is the best music streaming app the people use around the globe. Spotify has been designed to work on Android devices, computers, PlayStation and Smart TV, etc. It is available in two versions: Spotify Freemium and Spotify Premium. The freemium version comes with only a few worthwhile features while the Spotify Premium allows you to enjoy the same features and even some more. You can enjoy the unlimited music hours on Premium version. The subscription on Spotify Premium costs only $0.99 for the trial months (first three months). If you are satisfied with the services and the features, you will pay $9.99 every month afterwards. Well! For the music lovers, it costs nothing. It is worth mentioning that the Spotify Premium is absolutely a legal music streaming app. It has all of the legal documents and thus, you do not waste your money on any illegal app.

Spotify Premium Features

Let’s see the best features of Spotify Premium to know the difference between the premium and the free versions of Spotify.

Create Your Own Playlist

Now you can create your own playlist by downloading an unlimited number of songs. The playlist, you create will not vanish when you close the app. It remains in the app permanently in your account. Whenever you open the app, the playlist is as it in the account. You can edit the playlist as many times as you want. You can add more songs to it or you can delete the songs you do not want to listen now.

Listen Music Offline

If you are using the Spotify Premium version, you can listen to your favorite songs even without using the internet connection. Just download the songs and add them to your playlist and listen to these songs any time without the availability of internet. It enables you to save a large amount of internet data.

Unlimited Downloading

It allows you to download an unlimited number of songs (up to 3,333 songs). So, just download your favorite tracks while you are going to travel somewhere and listen to your favourite songs without an internet connection.

High-Quality Sound

The Spotify Premium app brings your favorite music in high-quality sound. So, you can enjoy your desired music in the best quality you can never imagine earlier. The soundtracks are available in three sound qualities: Normal, High and Extreme. At normal format, the music runs at 96Kbps that is a standard bitrate. At High sound quality, it jumps at 160Kbps. If you select extreme, you would be able to run the music tracks at 320Kbps that gives you incredible music listening experience.

Zero Commercials

In premium version of Spotify, you will experience no commercial. The ads and commercials always irritate the viewers. So, the Spotify Premium is free of ads.

Unlimited Skipping

While using the Freemium version, you are unable to skip any song in the playlist. You have to play all the songs continuously. Spotify Premium allows you unlimited skipping. So, you can skip any song in the playlist to play your favorite song. So, it allows you to gain more control over your playlist. You can skip unlimited songs to find your desired song and to play it as many times as you want.

User-friendly Interface

The developers of this app have made the interface very simple to use. Since the app has been launched for all users around the globe, it comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface. It is quite easy to operate. All important features are at its main page and easily accessible.

Save Storage Space

Spotify Premium allows you to stream your favorite soundtracks online from Spotify’s servers. Streaming online music feature of Spotify Premium helps save a valuable storage space on your Android device.

Supports Shuffling

Unlike the freemium, the Spotify Premium version allows you to shuffle play. So, the automatic shuffling feature enables you to listen to all of the songs added to the playlist. It makes the app more convenient to use.

Spotify Premium Discount

The Spotify Premium version comes with two discount offers. If you want to avail any of them, it will save you a significant amount of money every month.

Spotify Premium for Students is available in only $4.99/month. (For a single user)

Spotify Premium for Family is available in only $14.99/month. (For your whole family in one subscription)

Spotify Premium Mod APK Download & Installation Guide

Spotify Premium APK is available here. Let me explain a bit about APK. APK is Android version of any app that is not officially available on Google Play Store. A large number of websites are offering the APKs of many games and apps. You need to be very careful while downloading the APK from these sites. Just download APK from your trusted site to avoid Trojans, adware and virus infections.

Download File Information

Features Information
Last Update May 28, 2018
Total Installs 120,327,910+
App Size 35MB
App Version 8.4
Required Android OS 4.1+ (SDK 16)
Developer Spotify Ltd.
Ratings Rated for 12+

Click the below button to download the Spotify Premium APK.

It comes in a zipped folder.

Once it is downloaded, just tap and click “Extract” to unzip the folder.

Now tap the extracted folder and select “Next” to move ahead on the privacy page. Selecting “Next” automatically makes you agree with the rules and regulations of the app.

spotify privacy page


Now select “Install” at the bottom of the page to start the installation process.

Install spotify


It shows the app is installing. Wait for a while until the installation process is over.

installing spotify premium


Now the confirmation message appears that the app is installed. Tap “Open” to launch the app.

app installed


It will show you the Signup page. You can sign up by using your Email ID and a unique password. Another option is to sign in by using your Facebook account.

Sign up free


Once you have completed the Sign Up procedure, you can enjoy listening to music for unlimited hours.

What if the Music Streaming is Bad Quality?

Spotify is immensely popular to stream high quality music tracks. However, if you face the bad quality of music streaming, it means you are using a bad internet connection. At least 384Kbps speed of internet connection can make you stream the high quality of music.

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