How to Get Spotify Premium on Kindle Fire HD?

Spotify is the No. 1 music streaming app used by the people around the globe. The users want to get it on their Android devices, iPhone and Windows PC. Some users want to use it on their Kindle Fire HD. But they are confused because they do not know how to get Spotify Premium on their Kindle Fire HD. So, I am writing here an easy method to get Spotify Premium on your Kindle Fire HD. Some people think that Spotify Premium version does not work on Kindle Fire. But that is not true. If you are using Spotify Premium on your Android device, it will surely work on your Kindle too. The only thing you should check is the region where you are living. Make sure you are living in a region where Spotify Premium is available. The device does not matter instead of the region matters. Here is how to get it on Kindle.

How to Get Spotify Premium on Kindle Fire HD Step By Step Guide?

Just open your Kindle Fire HD and go to the Amazon App Store.

Amazon App Store for Android Devices

If you never used Amazon App Store on your Android device, you will not be having an account here. So, create an account by using the option “Sign Up” that lies at the bottom of the Home Page of Amazon App Store. I have shown in the image below where you can find the option.

Sign Up Option

Now search “Spotify” in the apps and download its Premium version. (Make sure you are a Spotify Premium user. If you are not a Spotify Premium user, the free version of Spotify will automatically be downloaded. Later, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium).

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Now you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs from Spotify Premium on your Kindle Fire HD.

Note: There are some issues you will face while listening to Spotify Premium on your Kindle Fire.

The first issue is the thin speakers of Kindle Fire. The speakers of Kindle Fire are not of very good quality for a louder sound. So, you cannot listen to the music properly if you are not using headphone.

The second issue is a bit irritating. While using the Spotify premium on Kindle Fire, you will see the portrait mode of the app. You cannot view it in Landscape mode when you tilt the device. The users feel annoying at it. However, it is not greatly inconvenient if you want to enjoy your favorite music app on Kindle Fire. Just enjoy your desired playlist and forget these little irritations.

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