How to Check When Your Spotify Premium Expires?

While using Spotify Premium, it becomes necessary for you to check regularly when your subscription expires. It is very important to keep checking your Spotify Premium account regularly. Particularly it becomes more important when you are going to cancel the subscription.  Some users do not know how to check when the Spotify premium expires and when they want to cancel the subscription, they do not know whether they have a full month of subscription or only a few days have been left. So, their entire amount is a waste. So, you need to check the Spotify premium subscription to check the expiry date.

Let me explain one more thing that is very important indeed. Some users of Spotify Premium keep searching the subscription details on their Spotify app in Android phone. Well! The Spotify does not provide you with any account details by using your Android phone or iPhone. You can just check whether you are using a free or premium account. No other details appear in the app. The only way to check the end of the subscription is to use the official website of Spotify. It seems strange but true. Maybe in the future days, the management takes initiative to add account details in the app, but so far, it is not possible.

The newbie does not know how to check the expiry date of their subscription. That’s why I am writing here the entire method in easy steps. If you also want to check the expiry date of your Spotify Premium subscription, just follow the steps below to check.

How to Check When Your Spotify Premium Expires Step By Step Guide

By Using the Website

Just open and login to your account.

Now you will see the “Profile” icon on the top right corner. Click on it.

Spotify Profile

Select “Account” from the options below. It will open the Account details page before you.

Account in Profile

Here, on the left side, you will see some options. You need to select “Subscription” from here.

Subscription in Account

It will show you the expiry date of the subscription, the next billing date, the subscription amount and other necessary details.

The expiry date is always in YYYY, MM, DD format. For example, the subscription expires on “2018-06-11”, it shows that the subscription expires on 11th June 2018.

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