File security – how to protect files?

For iPhone, we find fewer options to maintain data security as the device itself is well secure. However, while dealing with the prying eyes, things may go out of hands. For this reason, an app known as Folder Lock for iPhone works to satisfy the needs of security-conscious users. This app works well on desktop and Android as well where each platform has similar but limited features to offer.

File security – how to protect files?

Some of its key features are listed below:

Gallery Lock is a useful feature in Folder Lock that lets you lock photos, videos, audios and more. Here, you can securely store and view your data easily. In short, this app works like the Swiss Army Knife for smart phone’s data security along with its privacy while finally acting like a complete file manager. Hence, file locking, photo locking etc. was never this easy.

In this, you are not asked to open separate menus to access photos, videos etc. as you could easily view them in a single, and one view option. Since it is having a secure and smooth interface, Gallery Lock is the perfect data-locking app for iPhone.

Photo locking:

You can lock photos in many ways. First, if you are in no mood to exit your comfort zone, try using the built-in password protection option provided by Windows. To do so, right click on any photo and tap on properties. Here, you have multiple file security options like read-only or even hidden from its respective location. In other means, you can activate photo security using photo locking option. This can also be done from within the windows, but we recommend you to use a third party photo locking software.

Secure wallets:

Another needy feature known as password wallets lets you manage digital records in a timely manner. Meaning, you could store and access credit card information in such wallets with the needed security. There aren’t any restrictions and you could create as many wallets as you like. Things it can cover include banking details, ATM pin number, payment records and more.

File encryption:

This mode of file security lets you password protect one or more files to make sure no prying eyes gain access to your confidential stuff. To give you comfort, know that even if someone finds a way to the end of your file by hacking into your system, it would generate no joy as your files are in an unreadable form.

File backup:

Encryption, in addition, is not the only way that you could use for file protection. You can also upload files on to the cloud of your choice. The topmost cloud accounts include Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and box account. This option does not have many drawbacks and mostly has advantages if compared. However, the one and only biggest drawback a cloud has is the handling of data via another source. Meaning, your data unlike USB drives is not kept in your possession anymore and someone takes such responsibility. If data is not confidential that you hold then you got nothing to worry about.

Decoy password:

This feature lets you open another window that looks like your app but in reality, it is not. It comes handy in situations where you are around some people you do not trust and you have no other option but to open it. For this reason, you enter a code into the dialer to open a fake window that looks like your original app but in reality, it is not real.


The basic problem of modern generation includes ample amount of things to work with but does not have enough security to deal with. For example, files, photos, audios, videos etc. are now easily usable even by children but have no protocol for their security. Hence, Windows is a useful operating system but still does not offer enough juice to tackle against the prying eyes. However, in case of mobile devices (iOS platform), the summary concludes there is a regular need of having a reliable data encryption software that does this hectic work for you. In our line of recommendation, we would ask you to use Folder Lock for iPhone that may cost you now but would prove to be fruitful in the end.

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