Best Spotify Premium Alternatives

Spotify users may be disappointed to know that from 1st May, a free user you can listen to your favorite music only for 10 hours. Besides, you can hear the solo soundtracks only for five times. It makes you decide either to upgrade your Spotify Freemium to Spotify Premium or get Best Spotify Premium Alternatives. Well! No worries, I am going to describe the best alternative for Spotify Premium to make your choice easier. You can still get paid spotify apk for free, check out website for this purpose. Let’s move to the list.

Last.FM Online Music Streaming site

It is a vast music world where you can discover all genres of music. You will love to discover the tracks you never knew earlier. The free radio streaming service is free in the UK but paid in some regions of the world.


Deezer Online Music streaming site

European musicians are famous for unique experiments in the world of music. If you want to listen to the unique solo and famous French music tracks, just come to Deezer. Ellie Goulding is here to make you feel intoxicated with the magical music. Rihanna’s soundtracks also make your feet dancing on the rhythm of the music. It also has smart radio service where you can enjoy the latest music tracks.


Radioplayer online music station

It is a one-stop music portal where you can find all of the radio stations from the UK and other regions of Europe. It is a kind of iPlayer for BBC as it has been established due to a partnership among BBC, RadioCentre, Global Radio, Absolute Radio and the Guardian Media Group.


Musicovery Online Music Wallet

It is another best alternative for Spotify Premium where you can enjoy listening to the music free of cost. It comes with the best search function. There are some locked features. If you want to unlock all of the features, just go for its premium version where there is no limit to downloading. You can create your own playlist on the best sound quality.


SoundCloud Online Music Streaming site

SoundCloud is another site you can consider the best alternative to Spotify Premium. You have the option to download the music albums and solo songs from here. If you want to upload any remix, the site allows you to move ahead. It has thousands of unique tracks and the site is regularly updated. The main purpose for putting it at the lowest rank in my list is that the Search feature of Soundcloud is not very powerful. It is very difficult to search a song on it. It is a bit slower.

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